Helpful Tips

Please register via for our Annual Meeting this website.  On July 1, registration will close for the 2021 Annual Meeting.

Should you change your mind after registering ... please DO NOT re-register.  Simply communicate your change to Steve Denning at

This year's online meeting components will be via Zoom and/or GoToWebinar.  Approximately two weeks prior to the meeting, the videoconference link for each session will be sent to those who are registered.  These links will be personalized to the email address used during registration.  Please do not share with others the links to these sessions.  In this regard, each session's moderator has the discretion of disconnecting unregistered guests.  Please understand this is not about exclusivity; but about delivering value.  If we can keep the groups small and topic-focused, we have the possibility of some meaningful Q&A.

A response is required for ALL fields.

Please press the tab key on your keyboard to advance between the fields.

Please type in upper/lower case characters.  Please do not type in ALL CAPS.

Now you are ready to register!  Click here or access the Registration Menu from the site's Home page.


Immediately after registering, two messages will be sent to the email address used during the process.

The first message is a: welcome, brief meeting recap, and encouragement to review our website's contents, especially the Events, Members, Resources, and Speakers pages.

The second message is an itemized recap of the data entered and options selected by the registrant.  The simple purpose of this message is confirmation.

We need everyone's help to keep our site pages up-to-date with the relevant details about all of our member events.  Please communicate any changes to Steve Denning via email (

While there are several popular videoconference platforms available ... all require some level of etiquette among the participants.

Below are a few tips.  These are offered sincerely, yet delivered with a grin.

  • Device selection
    • Simply based on viewable area, a PC or Tablet is much preferred over any Smartphone.
  • Internet conectivity
    • Check your Internet connection quality prior to the day of the meeting.
    • A wired connection will always outperform Wi-Fi.
    • If using Wi-Fi, please affirm signal strength at the physical location you intend to use.
  • Know your device
    • Prior to the meeting, learn how to control your device's webcam, speakers, and microphone.
  • Audio
    • Generally, the best audio experience for you (and your fellow participants) will be when you wear a headset or earbuds / mic combo.
    • Close other apps on your device that could make sounds (example: email or other notifications)
    • Keep your device's microphone muted unless the presenter recognizes you to speak.
  • Connect from a quiet place
    • To be clear ... no TV, radio, dogs, metro or railroad station.
  • Identification
    • When you connect, share your name.
    • You might think of this step as wearing a name badge.
  • Connect from just one device
    • Please do not connect from a cellphone, place it in speaker mode ... and then decide to connect with yet another device.
  • Test your device
    • Test your device knowledge prior to the meeting you wish to join.
    • On the days of our meeting, there will be little time for technical support.