Meeting Agenda for 2023

Below is the 2023 July Annual Meeting Agenda.
The 2024 Meeting Agenda will be posted in 2024 May.
View and/or print the 2023 PDF version.

2023 Agenda

Thursday  July 20, 2023

2:00PMRotary Learning Center -- Review of Online Courses, Kimberly and Staff
4:00PMOne Rotary Center Tour, Gina and Staff
8:00PMAlliance Social, Hilton Garden

Friday  July 21, 2023

9:00AMCall to Order, Welcome, Alliance Chair Big Rich Churchman
9:10AMAgenda Review, Big Rich Churchman
9:30AMGreetings and Comments, RIPE Stephanie Urchick
9:50AMThe Rotary Foundation, TRF Trustee Marty Helman
10:05AMRotary International Welcome, General Secretary John Hewko
10:35AMStrategic Plan Updates, Megan Anderson
10:50AMClub Experience Survey Findings, Lynn Slawsky
11:05AMMembership Updates, Brian King
11:20AMLearning and Development Updates, Kimberly Kouame
11:35AMPanel -- Q&A, Megan, Brian, Kimberly
12:00PMLunch (on your own in Cafeteria)
1:30PMDiscussion Groups (concurrent)
   Planning the Year Ahead: Megan Anderson & Sarah Steacey
   Conducting Meetings/Club Experience: Sarah Diller
   Preparing to Lead: Amy Hopkins
   Engaging Club Members: Brianne Haxton & Brign King
   Attract New Members: Diana Edwards
   Managing Your Club: Greg Franks & Deanna Cankar
2:15PMTransition and Break
2:30PMDiscussion Groups (same staff-led sessions as above)
2:45PMLearning Resources Panel Q & A
3:15PMTransition and Break
3:30PMDiscussion Groups (concurrent)
   Service and Your Community: Ellina Kushner & Meredith Burlew
   Programs for Young Leaders: Derek Sullivan
   Telling Your Story: Etelka Lehoczky
   Using Social Media: Bri Cook
   Your Public Image Campaign: Liz Thiam & Jean Saunders
   The Rotary Foundation: Jamie Revord, Chris Boyce, Elizabeth Davis
4:15PMTransition to Auditorium
4:30PMVendor Relationships, Joe Beveridge & Chris Jones
5:00PMWrap-up for the Day, Big Rich Churchman
6:00PMMeet in Hilton Hotel Lobby for dinner groups

Saturday  July 22, 2023

7:00AMContinental Breakfast, RI Cafeteria
8:15AMSaturday Overview, Deb Glisson
8:25AMMDP Alliance Resources, Wade Nomura
8:45AMMove to Breakout Rooms
8:50AMConcurrent Breakouts (select one)
     2024 Event Chairs (only), Deb Glisson
     2024 Training / Curriculum Coordinators, Big Rich Churchman
     Others (Registration, Facilities, Program/Speakers), Tom Gump
10:20AMStrategic Action Plan, Stephanie Urchick
11:00AMPanel — Successful Innovations
11:35AMSelection and Support of Guest Speakers, Wade Nomura
12:00PMLunch [RI Cafeteria]
12:45PMSmall Group Breakout #1 [RI Cafeteria]
1:25PMSmall Group Breakout #2 [RI Cafeteria]
2:00PMSmall Group Reports (three minutes each)
2:30PMAlliance Business Meeting
3:00PMThank You and Adjourn, Big Rich Churchman