Videoconference Schedule for Summer/Fall 2020

All Sessions at 8:00pm EDT; by Invitation to Registered Participants

We intend to record all sessions; posting the recording in "Resources | MDP Alliance Meetings Docs" approximately one week afterwards

Should a participant need to contact a Discussion Leader, just click the DL's name to launch an email client.

August 5: Curriculum

Discussion Leader: Dean Ryerson

Topics include but are not limited to pre-PETS and PETS, curriculum evaluation, assistant governor training, club president nominee training, curriculum development, and facilitator selection and training. 


August 19: Registration

Discussion Leader: Big Rich Churchman

Topics include but are not limited to registration platforms, smart phone registration applications.


September 2: Finance & Venues

Discussion Leader: Steve Denning

Topics include but are not limited to registration fees, operating reserves, refund policies, event insurance, facility issues, and venue negotiations.


October 7: Transition from Onsite to Videoconference Events

Discussion Leader: Ken Morgan

Topics include but are not limited to sharing ideas about evolving our onsite events to these online platforms.


November 4: Wild Card

Discussion Leader: Wade Nomura

Three to four past chairs share successes and challenges they encountered, Q&A for 2021 Event Chairs, e-meetings for PETS.