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Speaker Topic PETSsort descending Engagement Date Plenary
Julia Phelps Theme / Your Year as Club President Pacific Northwest Mar 8, 2015 Unknown
Jeff Cadorette TBA Pacific Northwest Feb 23, 2019 TBA
Jennifer Jones TRF and You Carolinas Mar 23, 2019 Lunch
Winnie Morgan Goose Language Carolinas Mar 18, 2017 Saturday Lunch
No Chipped Paint Carolinas Mar 7, 2014 Dinner
Larry Lunsford You Just Never Know Part Two Carolinas Mar 23, 2019 Saturday Breakfast
Larry Lunsford You Just Never Know Carolinas Mar 18, 2016 Friday Dinner
John Hewko Leadership Carolinas Mar 17, 2017 Lunch
Bill Boyd Looking Forward Carolinas Mar 22, 2013 Lunch
SangKoo Yun Right Question to Ask Carolinas Mar 22, 2019 Friday Dinner
Winnie Morgan Leadership Carolinas Mar 23, 2013 Lunch
John Germ Rotary Serves Humanity Carolinas Mar 18, 2016 Lunch
Ron Burton Leadership Carolinas Mar 20, 2015 Friday
David Forward I am Rotary Carolinas Mar 7, 2014 Lunch
Mark Mahoney Together We Connect, Together We Grow Carolinas Mar 22, 2019 Friday Lunch
David Forward Doing Good in the World Carolinas Mar 19, 2016 Lunch
Brad Howard Why Rotary Carolinas Mar 17, 2018 Breakfast
Anne L. Matthews What Will be Your Legacy? Carolinas Mar 9, 2014 Dinner
Mark Maloney Theme Carolinas Mar 22, 2019 Lunch
Jean Irwin Taking Language From the Rich... Carolinas Mar 17, 2012 Breakfast