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Speaker Topic PETSsort descending Engagement Date Plenary
Stephanie Urchick What Matters to The Rotary Foundation Carolinas Mar 19, 2016 Breakfast
Nicki Scott Embracing Change Carolinas Mar 16, 2018 Dinner
Ron Burton Theme & Goals Carolinas Mar 23, 2013 Lunch
Larry Lunsford Right Question to Ask ... Carolinas Mar 22, 2019 Friday Dinner
Winnie Morgan Goose Language Carolinas Mar 20, 2015 Lunch
David Forward Why Carolinas Mar 17, 2018 Lunch
Ravi Ravindran TBA Carolinas Mar 20, 2015 TBA: 20 or 21
Bob Scott Polio and the Plus Carolinas Mar 16, 2012 Dinner
Larry Lunsford You Just Never Know Carolinas Mar 18, 2017 Saturday Breakfast
Ron Burton Leadership Carolinas Mar 17, 2017 Friday Dinner
John Smarge Successful Leadership Midwest Mar 9, 2014 Breakfast
Ann Lee Hussey A Polio Survivors View Midwest Mar 10, 2013 Dinner
Mark Kriebel One Person Can Make a Difference Midwest Mar 7, 2015 TBD
John Osterlund TRF Midwest Mar 10, 2012 Dinner
Mary Beth Selene Increasing Membership Midwest Mar 10, 2013 Breakfast
Mike McGovern Unknown Northeast Mar 9, 2013 Unknown
Ann Lee Hussey A Polio Survivors View Northeast Mar 8, 2015 Lunch
Mike McGovern TBA Northeast Mar 9, 2012 Lunch
Anne L. Matthews Unknown Northeast Mar 7, 2014 Unknown
Mike McGovern Unknown Northeast Mar 7, 2014 Unknown