The Multi-District PETS Alliance is a membership consortium of the leadership of the multi-district presidents-elect training seminars. Founded in 1992, the primary objective of the Alliance is sharing best practices for training event planning and implementation. Through the sharing of our successes and failures, each Multi-District PETS event has the opportunity to improve the quality of training for Presidents-elect — Rotary's future leaders. Membership is $160 per MDP per year to support dissemination of information and the overhead expenses of the annual meeting. The annual dues provides for the participation of up to three members from each event. Should your event need to bring additional leaders to the meeting, Please contact PRID Ken Morgan for information about stand-by status and cost.

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View the brochure that we developed to share "how" and "why" about the multi-district PETS concept. Dated May 2011, the document remains a good overview of the Alliance.

Fall Online Meeting

November 2, 2021
The Multi-District PETS Alliance is offering a sixty-minute program on Tuesday, November 2 at 7:00pm CDT for Multi-District and Single District Alliance member organizations. While open to all PETS event leaders, this focus is for Curriculum and Training Leaders. The one-hour session will include discussion of best practices including but not limited to: The content and delivery of Pre-PETS programs, use of the RI Learning Center, procedures for handling training for those club presidents who will not attend, and best practice for securing and training facilitators.

This will be an interactive session via the Zoom platform.  Registration is required.  Follow the "Get Registered" link in the above navigation menu.  Registration will close on Sunday October 31 at 3:00pm CDT.